Number Crunchers records the day-to-day financial transactions of your organization. We establish best practices for you and your team to follow to keep your bookkeeping compliant and give your accounting firm the financial reports needed for their management and tax preparation. Realizing that no two businesses are the same, we never take a cookie cutter approach, instead tailoring services to the specific needs of each client.

Our Services Include:

Process Development

  • New Business Accounting System Set-Up
  • Generating / Auditing Chart of Accounts
  • Accounts Receivable & Payable Procedures
  • Fixed Asset Inventory list and Depreciation

Day-to-Day Financial Transactions

  • Recording all Sales Invoices
  • Recording all Sales Credits
  • Recording all Purchase Invoices
  • Recording all Purchase Debit Notes
  • Statement of Retained Earnings
  • Other Financial Reports

Petty Cash Transactions

  • Recording all (small) Cash Purchases
  • Recording Explanations & Reimbursements

Banking and Credit Card Transactions

  • Banking Reconciliations
  • Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Receipt Documentation

Financial Reporting

  • Accounts Receivable / Payable Reports
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet